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Events: December 2002

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Advancing library design and organic synthesis, 24-27 Feb, San Diego, CA, USA Automation and Robotics in the Laboratory 2003, 24 - 26 March, Arnhem, The Netherlands

December 2002

Drug Discovery and Development Summit
2 - 5 December, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

The 1st International Drug Discovery and Development Summit brings together speakers from around the world and from all branches of academia and industry to discuss the latest technology and techniques for drug development from screening and drug diiscovery through to clinical trials. Topic areas will include
  • Virtual screening
  • Biological screening for human drug properties
  • Selection based on physical chemistry properties
  • Expression genomics
  • Selection of relevant animal species for pre-clinical studies
  • Acceleration of carcinogenicity and toxicity bioassays using transgenic animals
  • Acceleration of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics
  • Biomarkers for human toxicity in clinical studies
  • Optimisation of clinical study design based on pre-clinical data
Sponsored by HTScreening.net

FREE Pharmaceutical Workshop
4 December, Ontario, Canada

Automated / Computer Systems Validation Programmes to Meet 21 CFR Part 11 Requirements
9 - 10 December, London, UK

Electronic Signatures and 21CFR Part 11 Compliance
9 - 11 December, Amsterdam

Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls
9 - 11 December, San Diego, CA, USA

Validating Utilities
9 - 11 December, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

Genesis - The London Biotechnology Convention
11 December, London, UK

Impurities and Leachables: Isolation, Identification & Quantification
11 - 13 December, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Events January 2003

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