Drug Discovery and Selection International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry - 43e Rencontres Internationales de Chimie Therapeutique, Lille, France
04 July 2007 - 06 July 2007

Heron Island Conference on Reactive Intermediates & Unusual Molecules, Heron Island, Australia
07 July 2007 - 14 July 2007

15th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry, Dublin, Ireland
08 July 2007 - 13 July 2007

The Pharma-Bio Outsourcing Conference and Exhibition, London, UK
10 July 2007 - 11 July 2007
The Pharma-Bio Outsourcing Conference and Exhibition is a specialised and highly targeted event. Based round a conference and exhibition it will provide an opportunity to meet and network with the manufacturers and suppliers showcasing their latest products and services.

20th International Symposium: Synthesis in Organic Chemistry, Cambridge, United Kingdom
16 July 2007 - 19 July 2007

Computer Aided Drug Design, Tilton, NH
29 July 2007 - 03 August 2007

14th IUPAC Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry Directed towards Organic Synthesis (OMCOS 14), Nara, Japan
02 August 2007 - 06 August 2007

ICHAC-8 Eight International Conference on Heteroatom Chemistry, Riverside (California), USA
12 August 2007 - 16 August 2007

International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry - ASMC 07, St. Petersburg, Russia
27 August 2007 - 31 August 2007
ASMC07 in St. Petersburg is being prepared by EFMC (European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry) and ChemBridge Corporation with the support of ACS, in the series of events which started with ASCMC04 in Moscow.

2nd European Conference on Chemistry for Life Sciences, Wroclaw, Poland
04 September 2007 - 08 September 2007

European Biomarkers Summit, Amsterdam, Netherlands
04 September 2007 - 05 September 2007
The 2nd annual European Biomarkers Summit is to be held in the colourful city of Amsterdam. Select Biosciences are assembling an excellent list of influential speakers for the agenda and will have many exhibitors from industry leaders taking part.

Screening Targets, Boston, MA, USA
10 September 2007 - 11 September 2007
Following two successful years, Ion Channel Targets has established itself as the main East coast conference dedicated to this important area of drug discovery. For 2007 Select Biosciences are expanding the meeting with 15+ additional presentations on other Screening Targets to include protein kinases and GCPRs.

Virus Molecular Interactions: Therapeutic Targets - A Joint Royal Society of Chemistry/Biochemical Society Focused Meeting, Oxford, UK
16 September 2007 - 19 September 2007

Drug Discovery: The Application of High Throughput Techniques to Target Validation and Lead Identification, Nottingham, UK
02 October 2007 - 03 October 2007
Two Day Conference programme with World Class Keynote Speakers who will address and discuss:-
* Assay Development for HTS & SAR
* The challenges of Sample Management
* Auto EP and Ion Channel Drug Screening
* Strategies for the Design and use of High Throughput Automation
* Cell and Protein supply for HT Screening & SAR
* GPCR: addressing Novel Pharmacologies in the HT Envrionment

Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis (MAOS) Congress, South San Francisco, CA, USA
03 October 2007 - 04 October 2007
This meeting is a continuation of the MAOS series previously held in Graz, Austria and most recently in Budapest, Hungary. This meeting will be held in parallel with the Discovery Chemistry Congress and registration will allow access to any sessions in both conferences.

Discovery Chemistry Congress, South San Francisco, CA, USA
03 October 2007 - 04 October 2007
This meeting will be focused on the application of chemistry in the advancement of drug discovery and will be held in parallel with the Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis Congress (MAOS 2007). Registration will allow access to any talks at this conference too.

Virtual Discovery, London, UK
24 October 2007 - 25 October 2007

2007 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition, San Diego, CA, USA
11 November 2007 - 15 November 2007
American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting

2007 Eastern Analytical Symposium and Exhibit (EAS), Somerset, NJ, USA
12 November 2007 - 15 November 2007
The Eastern Analytical Symposium and Exposition is the second largest conference and exposition for laboratory science in the U.S. dedicated to the needs of analytical chemists and those in the allied sciences.

XXth International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, ISMC 08, Vienna, Austria
31 August 2008 - 04 September 2008