10th Annual Drug Discovery Leaders Summit, Montreux Palace, Switzerland
15 June 2009 - 16 June 2009
The summit attracts 200 senior attendees from the UK, Europe and US's leading pharmaceutical, biotech, academic and research institutions.

Target Discovery World Congress, South San Francisco, CA, USA
04 August 2009 - 05 August 2009
Target Discovery World Congress will be a meeting focusing on the research looking to find new potential drugs for development. The topics will include presentations on the latest in screening platforms and new methods such as those in High Content and Label-Free Screening and will also focus on the work being done looking for new drug targets in some of the major protein families including Ion Channels, GPCRs, Protein Kinases, Nuclear Receptors and the Ubiquitin Pathway.

Second International Symposium on Combinatorial Sciences, Beijing, China
19 September 2009 - 22 September 2009
The Second International Symposium on Combinatorial Sciences in Biology, Chemistry, Catalysts and Materials (SCS-09) will feature plenary lectures from: Jim Wells, University of California, San Francisco ;Jon Ellman, University of California, Berkeley; Dennis Curran, University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A.