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Development of an Analytical Data Management System (ADMS) to Accelerate the Selection of a Suitable API Form Through Salt and Polymorph Screening
Raeann Wu, Peter Karpinski, Patrick Drumm, Karim Kassam, Michel R.J. Hachey and Michael Boruta. Advanced Chemistry Development Inc and Novartis Pharmceuticals Corp.

In this work, we discuss the acceleration of the preformulation process through the use of modern software systems. The data system discussed can read, process, store, retrieve, visualize and report a wide variety of data type—XRD, Raman, HPLC, NMR, TGA, DSC, chemical structures, properties and images—in a centralized and homogeneous way. A pilot study at a pharmaceutical company demonstrated possible time savings between 20% and 80% at various points in the preformulation workflow.

Advanced Dryness Detection for Improved Throughput and Yield during Evaporation
David Griffin and Rob Darrington. Genevac

In many laboratories across a wide range of disciplines, removal of solvent from dissolved sample is a routine, daily procedure. This article demonstrates the great importance of paying sufficient attention to closely monitoring the drying process and presents solutions to save time and prevent sample loss.

Combining Lyophilization and Centrifugal Evaporation
David Griffin. Genevac

Creating a fast drying process that results in soft, unattached & rapidly re-suspendable dry sample.

Macrocyclic Library with Conformationally Diverse Scaffold: Synthesis and Biology
N. Qvit, S. Gazal, H. Reuveni, M. Niv, G. Blum, A. Feldstein, S. Meushar, A. Friedler and C. Gilon. The Hebrew University and Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.,

Here we present the SIB concept, based on macrocyclic libraries in which the ring size is varied in gradual manner (conformational diversity). This allows selection of bioactive molecules based on their conformational complementary.

A Mild Protocol for Parallel Solution Phase Synthesis of Cyclic Imides
Andrew R. Extance, David W.M. Benzies and Daniel Hurlbut. Tripos Inc

The combination of using high temperatures and coupling reagents allows production of cyclic imides rapidly and in higher purity than heat or coupling agents alone.

Microwave-Accelerated Fischer Glycosidation
Laurent F. Bornaghi and Sally-Ann Poulsen . Eskitis Institute, Griffith University

Fischer glycosidation appeared an ideal candidate for the application of microwave irradiation and herein we report a systematic analysis of the effect of microwave heating in the Fischer glycosidation reaction.

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