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Welcome to the world-wide Combinatorial Chemistry Community Conference !

This consists of a series of web-based forums on topics of interest within the broad field of combinatorial chemistry. Having registered you are now free to post messages to the various open forum boards. Suggested topics include :

· technical questions to your peers
· sharing of experiences with equipment, consumables or reagents
· reports from meetings & symposia
· highlighting new papers of interest to the group

If you have a suggestion for a new forum which you believe would have sufficient support please contact us ( ).

As a free service we can host Private Member Forums (i.e. “XYZ Software Users Group”) which are only accessible by selected members. You can elect your own Moderator for such forums ; being only involved in an administrative role. The main advantage is that this can be conveniently accessed at any time through the web. Contact us on if you have a proposal.

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