Impact of Genomics on Cancer Diagnosis, Therapeutics, and Pharmacogenomics


1. Introduction


2.Industry Overview


2.1 Defining Genomics and Genetics

2.2 Cancer and Genomics

The Role of Cancer Research in Genomics


High Unmet Medical Needs

Multiple Tactics Available for Cancer Treatment


3. The Molecular Genetics of Cancer

3.1 General Background: What Is Cancer?

3.2 Cancer Genes and Cell Proliferation

The Roles of Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes in the Cell



Tumor Suppressor Genes

DNA Repair Genes

†† 3.3 Apoptosis and Related Genes

Bcl-2 Superfamily

TNF Receptor Superfamily

Caspases (ICE Protease Family)

†† 3.4 Metastasis and Related Genes


4. Therapeutic Applications

†† 4.1 Approaches to Molecular-Targeting Therapeutics

Synthetic Small Molecules

Therapeutic Proteins

Gene Therapy

†† 4.2 Current Development of Molecular-Targeting Therapeutics

Targeting Receptor Tyrosine Kinases: HER2 and EGFR

Trastuzumabís Success Story

Targeting Ras Pathways: Race to Anti-Ras Therapy

Targeting Downstream of the Ras Pathway

Targeting Nonreceptor Tyrosine Kinases: BCR/ABL

Targeting the p53 Gene

Targeting Apoptosis Pathways

Targeting Metastasis-Related Genes and Proteins: MMP Inhibitors

New Side-Effect Management


5. Diagnostic Applications

5.1 Genetic Tests for Familial Cancers

5.2 Genomics-Derived Diagnostic Tests

Screening Tests

Prognostic Tests

Stratifying Patients for Treatment


6. Pharmacogenomic Applications

6.1 Overview

6.2 Cancer and Pharmacogenomics



6.3 Future Prospects

†††††††† Current Challenges


7. Cancer Genomics Survey

7.1 Overview

7.2 Diagnostics

7.3 Therapeutics

7.4 Pharmacogenomics

7.5 Survey Conclusions


8. Current Challenges and Future Strategies

†† 8.1 Meeting the Challenge

Functional Genomics




9. Market Outlook

†† 9.1 Overview

Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer Therapeutics

†† 9.2 Changes in Market Characteristics

Future Composition of the Anticancer Drug Market

The Impact of Patient Population

Market Forecast


Appendix A. Leading Companies in Cancer R&D


Appendix B. Selected Leading Cancer Centers and Cancer Researchers in the United States