Biochips: Progress and Prospects

This report describes a bright, but perhaps turbulent, future. It  provides cutting-edge insights into the technologies, competition, products, strategies, and trends that executives and investors need to know about in order to stay current in this dynamic and highly complex business environment.

The biochips industry underwent a long incubation period as products were developed, perfected, and beta tested. A significant array of products, now in the early stages of market introduction, are joining a world made highly complex by issues like home-brewing, intellectual property disputes, competing technologies, evolving business plans, and the entry of large companies into a market previously dominated by venture-backed start-ups.

The microfluidics segment of the market saw Caliper introduce its LabChip® line for nucleic acid fragment separation, in concert with instrumentation and marketing by Agilent. Cepheid introduced the SmartCycler™ for scaling down and speeding up real-time PCR, while ACLARA is on the brink of introducing its LabCard system for genotyping. Caliper and ACLARA, which are currently locked in a dramatic patent litigation showdown, are both providing early access pharmaceutical clients with microfluidic high-throughput equipment to dramatically reduce the expenditure of valuable compounds and reagents.

University core microarray centers continue to spring up like mushrooms, producing home-brew arrays using methods and protocols refined in Linux-like collaborations. Issues of large standard arrays versus smaller custom arrays and the economics of production at smaller lot sizes challenge both established players and new entrants. A variety of intellectual property disputes add uncertainty as large players are silently backing licensors.

This report, Biochips: Progress and Prospects is the thoroughly revised and updated third edition of its best-selling 1999 report, Biochips: From Technologies to Markets. This Report will provide you with the critical information needed to build markets and remain competitive in order to become a leader in the biochips industry.

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