Unique C6-Phenyl HPLC Phase with 1.0-12.0 pH Stability
17 May 2006
Compared to the typical 3-carbon linked Phenylpropyl phases the longer carbon chain provides greatly improved stability and reproducibility.

BioTek Introduces Gen5™ Microplate Data Collection and Analysis Software
16 May 2006
Gen5 will serve as the operating system for all BioTek Instruments’ automated detection systems.

Ehovoc Launches Compact Incinerator 'Little Giant'
16 May 2006
Compact incinerator helps meet tougher EU regulations on hydrocarbon emissions.

Viscotek Unveils OmniSIZE 2.0 Software
15 May 2006
Viscotek has announced a new version of their OmniSIZE dynamic light scattering acquisition and control software.

Genevac Launches Centrifugal Evaporator System 'Model DD-4X'
15 May 2006
Model DD-4X handles the wide range of sample types and formats encountered in Medicinal Chemistry laboratories.

Mettler Toledo Launches Berger SFC for Agilent ChemStation
11 May 2006
The Berger SFC for Agilent ChemStation extends LC and LC-MS instrument lifetime.

Agilent Launches ZORBAX Eclipse Plus HPLC Columns
10 May 2006
ZORBAX delivers the resolution and separation of the challenging and critical basic compounds.

Bruker BioSpin Announces the Actively-Shielded NMR Magnet at 950 MHz
26 April 2006
The 950 US2 combines Bruker BioSpin’s proprietary UltraShield™ active-shielding and UltraStabilized™ sub-cooling technologies.